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Rob and Amy Szeliga

Rob and Amy Szeliga are new John Maher Builders homeowners in Spring Hill Place

Rob and Amy Szeliga are new John Maher Builders homeowners in Spring Hill Place

Rob and Amy Szeliga recently purchased their second John Maher Builders home in the beautiful community of Spring Hill Place. The couple is thrilled with the open floor plan of their home that offers plenty of space for entertaining, yet is still very family-friendly.

“We were very pleased to know that we could stick with the builder that we know and trust and that’s involved in our community to build our dream home,” said Amy. “We are still amazed every day at how much everything is so beautiful and nice. We have not been disappointed at all.”

The Szeligas were considering several options for their new home, but kept coming back to the family-friendly home from John Maher Builders that has the master bedroom and children’s bedrooms on the same floor.

“We looked at several homes that we really liked, but they just were not as family friendly as this one,” said Amy.

“Plus, we already knew the high level of quality that we would be getting with a John Maher Builders home” said Rob. “The company has a great reputation for quality construction.”

The Szeliga’s open floor plan allowed space for Amy’s dream of having a home library as well as dining space for large family gatherings.

“The floor plan is wonderful for entertaining,” said Amy. “When we have people over, because of the openness, people can be in different rooms and still be a part of the conversation. Everyone feels included.”

The Szeligas are already recommending John Maher Builders to more friends and family.

“It has been really wonderful to have John Maher Builders as our builder and get the home that we want for a lifetime,” said Amy.